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Founder & Legend

              The Rehoboth Community Church was conceived in 1977 in the heart of Apostle Joseph P. Minter. An anointed man of God with a powerful gift of prophecy, Apostle Minter realized that not only did people need to be saved and filled with the Holy Ghost, they needed to be taught how to live Godly lives and teach other how to believe and receive God. In response to the vision of the Lord, Apostle Minter with his wife Geneva by his side, began the Bibleway Community Church with a bible study in the home of one of their supporters. As God began to bless, the ministry flourished and facility was rented to provide a place of worship.

                In 1983 God provided a facility at 639 8th Street, which was purchased. Although in desperate need of repair, Elder Minter and his congregation knew they were  directed by God to that place to proclaim the deliverance power of God and his desire to move among his people. During their time at 8th street, the name of the church was changed to Atlanta Community Church, Inc., recognizing the need for the children of God to take responsibility for their community. Children of the kingdom must realize that wherever they are, they should have a positive impact on their surroundings. Hundreds of souls were saved, as well as cases of cancer being healed, tumors dissolving, and physical malformations being corrected. People were delivered from alcohol, drugs and nicotine. Demons were cast out, and those in need only had to ask God and they were made free.

                Besides many weekly services, Atlanta Community outreaches included: Restoration Revivvial Ministries, a Christian supper club, Gospel Live, Project Safe House, Techwood Ministries, Atlanta’s first citywide Pastoral Banquet, Skate Night and various crusades to Maryland, Philadelphia, New York, New Jersey, California and Washington, D.C. The Chattanooga Community Church was also started and many ministers, evangelists and other spiritual leaders were birthed from this ministry.

     Dedicated to the vision to reach the lost, the motto “Reaching the Unreachable for Christ” was adopted along with the church emblem. To facilitate the spreading of the gospel of Jesus Christ many pastors were raised up among who are Elder John Moment, Rev. Gerard Acrum, Elder Tommy Moment, Bishop Dennis Rogers, Elder Orlando Kendall and Elder George Wadley. It is through vessels such as these that people are learning that God is a healer, a deliverer and a rewarder of them that diligently seek him.

      Elder Minter was ordained Apostle in 1993, and in 1995 God spoke to his servant. As a result of the divine director, the name of the ministry was changed to Rehoboth Community Church and the search for a new church home was instituted. It was during this period of change that Apostle Minter took the position of Overseer and appointed Elder Sara Wright as pastor.

     As with all great mean of God, Apostle Minter knew that the ministry had to continue. Apostle knew that the work of God is not the effort of one man, but of many vessels who show themselves dedicated to the Lord’s purpose. Apostle Minter taught his members FAITH, not in Joseph, but in God, to believe  him in all things and to know nothing is too hard for God. It was Apostle Minter’s commitment to minister excellence, pure praise and un-compromised freedom from the spirit of God that forged and set standards for this ministry. As Apostle often said, “If you please God, you’ll please me.”

     So it was with joy that the sanctuary at 1423 Akridge Street was dedicated on August 4, 1996. Although Apostle Minter had gone on to be with the Lord on August 2, 1996, he remained with his members until they took possession of the new sanctuary. It will not always be easy living up to the legacy that Rehoboth Community Church has established. The responsibility to remain faithful to God and his plans, and the purpose for this ministry is a charge that the corporate body has accepted.  This legacy will continue to grow stronger.

Apostle Joseph Patrick Minter

August  2, 1996

Elder Sarah Elaine Wright

August  17, 2014

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