Apostle Elder Felecia Daniel

Felecia Daniel was born March 7, 1959 to the late Herschel M. Willoughby and Eliza W. Harvey (late Claude Harvey, Jr).  She was born at St. Mary’s Hospital in Athens, Georgia and raised in the Atlanta area.  She received her education in 1977 Booker T. Washington High School (with honor/top 10%); 1994 paralegal certificate from the National Center of Paralegal ABA (American Bar Association) training program specializing in litigation; 1999 Bachelor of Science in Management (mag cum) from Morris Brown College; 2004 Master of Science in Administration from Central Michigan University.   She’s employed with Grady Memorial Hospital Corporation for 32 years and currently serves as the Director of Legal Operations. Felecia was reared in the church.  In her youth, she was a member of Greater Vine City Baptist Church (the late J.W. Fielder, Pastor) where she served as a member of the Courtesy Guild, Youth and Adult Choir, Sunday School Secretary; As a young adult, she joined Mt. Nebo Baptist Church (Dr. A.J. McMichael, Pastor) where she served as a member of the Usher Board, and the Choir.  Felecia joined Rehoboth Community Church (formerly Atlanta Community Church) in 1983 under the leadership of the late Apostle Joseph P. Minter.  She served faithfully as the Pastor’s Administrative Assistant, Church Secretary and dedicated Choir Member.  After proving to be a faithful and loyal servant, she was appointed to the Administrative Board and continued to serve in that capacity until her current appointment.  It was under the leadership of Pastor Sara Wright that Felecia accepted her call and was ordained as a Minister in March, 2000.  Under this same leadership in March, 2009, Minister Daniel was ordained as Elder.  She served as a valuable member of the Ministerial Staff, Youth & Young Adult Bible Study Instructor, Praise Team Leader and Adult Choir Director.   September 2014 through November 2015 Elder Daniel served as Interim Pastor, whereas on November 22, 2015 Elder Daniel was installed as Pastor of Rehoboth Community Church by Dr. Stephen Thomas (spiritual Father in the Ministry) of Community Fellowship Church in Dalton Georgia.  As the Pastor of the assigned pasture of Rehoboth, the Lord declared that there is room at Rehoboth and for Rehoboth to keep it REAL (Rehoboth, Empower, All, Lives). Pastor Daniel consistently seeks ye first the kingdom of God, who has promised with manifestation a prophetic “one-word” of substance each year for the body.  The year of 2015 - “Elevation”; the year of 2016 -“Expectation”; the year of 2017 - “Provision” and the year of 2018 is “Overflow”.  She continues to serve faithfully in all aspects of the ministry and is excited about her continued spiritual growth.

Goals and Accomplishments:

· Ministerial Class (2014 through present);

· Missionary Class (2014 through 2016);

· Deacon/Brotherhood Class (2014 and 2015);

· Guardsmen Class (2015 and 2016)

·  Youth Boot Camp for the Youth (2016 and 2017)

·  Women Retreat Facilitator (2014 through present)

·  9am Sunday Morning Prayer in the Sanctuary (2016 to present)

·  Church Building Fund (2017)

Pastor Ulysses Daniel

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Ulysses Daniel was born on January 9, 1966 to the late Freddie and Prince Ella Daniel.   He was born at Hughes Spalding Children Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia.  Raised in Atlanta Georgia and is a graduate of Walker High School.  

It was under the leadership of Apostle Joseph P. Minter that He was ordained a Deacon and served on the Board of Administration.  It was under the leadership of Elder Sara Wright that Deacon Daniel accepted his call as a Minister and continued to serve on the Board of Administration as Chief Administrator.  On August 23, 2015, Deacon Daniel was licensed under the leadership of Elder Daniel to preach the Gospel as he may have the opportunity to exercise his gifts in the work of the ministry.  On November 27th, 2016 he was ordained as a Minister and Co-Pastor by Dr. Stephen A. Thomas of Community Fellowship Church of Ministries, Inc. Headquartered in the City of Dalton, Georgia. On August 26, 2018 Minister Daniel was ordained as an Elder of Rehoboth Community Church authorized to perform the full sacramental duties of an Elder by Pastor Felecia Daniel.   He currently serves as Co-Pastor and Ex-officio, Chief Administrator to the Administrative Board.   

Goals and Accomplishment

·         Men Retreat Facilitator (2014 through present)

·         Building Projects (2014 through present)

·         Deacon/Brotherhood (2016 through present)